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Bust - lineart
Bust commish: Vipern by jutawi
Comm: Patrik by jutawi
Comm: Le Perrie by jutawi
A lineart sketch of your character as seen above.

:star: Only OC's, I won't draw characters from popular animes/cartoons/manga/comics/games etc.

I can draw:
males, females, anthro/furry, robots (not mecha tho)
Halloween YCH
Halloween YCH [300 points] by jutawi
Halloween YCH: Myrkal by jutawi
Halloween YCH: Alaska by jutawi
Your Character Here commission, lineart with simple colored background

:star: Only OC's, I won't draw characters from popular animes/cartoons/manga/comics/games etc.

I can draw:
males, females, anthro/furry, robots (not mecha tho)

Newest Deviations


CDM - Carnivale du Macabre
GGR - Guilty Gear RELOAD
GoF - Gears of Fate
SM - Scarlet Moon

It's an incomplete list, more to come in later updates.

In no particular order:

Day four by jutawi Nathaniel Bachelor

Other names: Bach, Nate Cooper
Worlds: M.S.E, Scarlet Moon, DnD, Grim Side Manor
Personality: usually works as a medic/doctor/healer, eccentric, hyperactive, pansexual, loves penguins, very flirty, funny, persistant, caring
Detailed character sheet:
SM: Bachelor Caharcter Sheet [general info]
SM: Bachelors story

SM: Adam Character Sheet [general info] by jutawiAdam

Other names: Adam Blade, Michał Orłowski, Adamantis, Anakim
Worlds: Miragaia, Scarlet Moon
Personality: worres too much, helpful, obedient, nervous, calm, quiet, cuddly
Detailed character sheet: SM: Adam Character Sheet [general info]

PARADOGZ: Juto Character Sheet [this I don't even] by jutawi Karma character sheet by jutawiDevilish by jutawi Juto / Karma / Wilhelm

Other names: Juto Lovelace, Juto Wolf, Juto Karma, Will, Uto Karma, Yuuto Jr. (jokingly)
Worlds: Paradogz, M.S.E - Rebuttal
Personality: Juto Wolf - justice oriented, fair, hopeless with girls, leader, protective / Juto Karma - smoker, aggressive, fair, grumpy, helpful, hard working
Detailed character sheet:
PARADOGZ: Juto Character Sheet [this I don't even]
Karma character sheet

CDM: Kamishimi Character Sheet [general info] by jutawi Happy Birthday my Angel by jutawiKamishimi / Yuichi

Other names: Kami, Yuichi N. Shinigami, Yuichi S., Yu
Worlds: M.S.E, Scarlet Moon, Kamishimi, Skies aren't blue, (and shitload of other stories)
Personality: Kami - usually funny, friendly, helpful, goofy, protective, awkward, prankster / Yuichi - serious, cheerful, friendly, responsible, brave, kind
Detailed character sheet: CDM: Kamishimi Character Sheet [general info]

CDM: Zenchou by jutawiSM: Hate Character Sheet [general info] by jutawiZenchou / Hate

Other names: Zen, Zenny, Hasmed Fatiel, Hass, Hate Fate
Worlds: M.S.E, Scarlet Moon, Kamishimi, Hikage's Horror House
Personality: Badass, aggressive, smoker, grumpy, vagabond, brotherly, helpful, loud, swears, rebell
Detailed character sheet: SM: Hate Character Sheet [general info]

Happy Birthday Samael by jutawi Samael

Other names: Black Samael, God of Death, The Beast, Tazuura *(outdated name)
Worlds: M.S.E, Scarlet Moon, The Creator, Grim Side Manor, Kamishimi
Personality: calm, ominous, mysterious, caring, father figure, reasonable, leader/ruler, loves number 6 and spirals, cunning, usually get's what he wants, omnipotent, relaxed, elegant
Detailed character sheet: SM: Samael Character Sheet [general info]

Happy Birthday White Samael by jutawiSamael / Salomon

Other names: White Samael, God of Life, Tatsura *(outdated name)
Worlds: M.S.E, Scarlet Moon, The Creator, Kamishimi
Personality: caring, fair, protective, good, generous, kind hearted, but persistant and cunning at times, underrated, omnipotent

Sanguine by jutawiSanguine

Other names: San, Sangu
Worlds: Grim Side Manor, Kamishimi
Personality: calm, nervous, helpful, selective mute, obedient
Sanguine's story: GSM - Sanguine

Forgotten Angel by jutawiCDM: Shujuu Character Sheet [general info] by jutawiShuichi / Shujuu

Other names: Shu
Worlds: M.S.E, Kamishimi, Scarlet Moon, Skies aren't Blue (few other stories)
Personality: aggressive, smoker, badass, egoist, bully, swears
Detailed character sheet: CDM: Shujuu Character Sheet [general info]

Hells Children_00 by GigabytesOfInsanitySelim / Hakucho

Other names: Selim Swan, Selim Williams, The First Angel
Worlds: Hells Children, M.S.E - Rebuttal, Kamishimi, Scarlet Moon, Skies aren't Blue (few other stories)
Personality: Selim - calm, collected, optimist / Hakucho - pessimist, grumpy, hates his brother, good friend

GGR: Wolva character sheet [general info]
Guilty Gear Reload
Name: Charlotte del Adel
Other names: Wolva, Wolfgirl, Sister-in-law (Neo only), Little Miss (Gerard), Mommy (Des)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Type: Human/Modified
Origins: European/German
Orientation: Straight
Fav color: Black, White, Yellow
Fav food: Meatbuns and beef ramen
Likes: Drawing, meeting new people, eat at Jams restaurant, Robots
Dislikes: PWAB, Dr. Crow, Gears, to expose her hips
Height: 160 cm
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark brown
Skin color: European/Slightly tan
Piercings: Golden earrings
- gets additional wolf features such as fangs, ears, claws, tail when using one of her attacks - the Fur Fury
- likes to usually tie her hair in a ponytail
- genetically modified to be an anti Gear weapon based on Justice.
- due to the enhanced genes she hears, smells and sees better than average human
Profession: Bounty Hunter
Weapon: Pencils
Fighting style: Drawing - she can draw anything, summon it and use. It's a bit tricky though. It's not like she can
Demons Blood: Wolva profile by jutawiWolva

Other names: Charlotte del Adel, Wolva Wolfenheim, Wolfa, Wolfie
Worlds: Guilty Gear XX, Gears of Fate, Scarlet Moon, Grim Side Manor, Hikage's Horror House, Vortex infinitum, (and few other)
Personality: tomboy, usually a mechanic, loves robots and wolves, creative, hyperactive, gets irritated quickly
Detailed character sheet: GGR: Wolva character sheet [general info]

Proto by jutawiGoF: Sai character sheet [general info] by jutawiProto / Sai

Other names: Proto Rook, Sai P. Behemoth, Cyber, Cy
Worlds: Guilty Gear XX, Gears of Fate, Hikage's Horror House, Scarlet Moon, Vortex Infinitum
Personality: Proto - grumpy, pouty, stuck up, stubborn, quick to start a fight / Sai - unlucky, careful, pessimist, vagabond, good fighter, smoker, strong, badass, rebell
Detailed character sheet:
GGR: Proto Character Sheet [general info]
GoF: Sai character sheet [general info]

GGR: Gerard character sheet [general info] by jutawi Gerard

Other names: Gerard Gunsmith, Gerard Preston
Worlds: Guilty Gear XX, Scarlet Moon
Personality: assassin/bounty hunter, gunner, has hemophobia, protective, british, stylish, calm, serious, often flustered

Neo by jutawiSM: Neitel by jutawiNeo / Neion / Neitel

Other names: Neo Rook, Neion Evergreen, Neitel "Prince of Greed", P.W.A.B. N-E-O
Worlds: Guilty Gear XX, Gears of Fate, Scarlet Moon, Vortex Infinitum
Personality: Neo - calm, loves mecha girls, makes fun of Proto, collected, polite / Neion/Neitel - villain, greedy, persistant, vile, devious, egoist, cold

Rene color test by jutawi Rene Lunatique

Other names: The Ringmaster, Monsieur Loyal
Worlds: -
Personality: prankster, sadist, creepy, insane, liar, sociopath, troll

CDM: Seigi Character Sheet [general info]
Seigi Ookami
Carnivale du Macabre
Name: Seigi Ookami
Other names: Cosmos, Seigi-chan, Seigi-kun (only by Demi), Ebony
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Type: Demon
Orientation: Straight
Fav color: Black
Fav food: Ricks cooking, Sweet Dragon Berry juice
Likes: To be understood
Dislikes: When someone mistakes her for a man, Hakucho (more like she hates him)
Height: 170 cm
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Black
Skin color: White/Pale
Piercings: Earrings
Scars: Heavy scars on her back (marks of being whipped)
- Black hair which is unusual natural color for (dead) girls in Chasm. Chasmian girls have only white hair as natural color.
- overall look... she could be an androgynus if you ask me...
- a little flatchested, but it's just an optical mistake since she wears clothes that mask her boob size
- most of time has a grumpy face expression
- has handcuffs on both wrists that she hides under her sleeves, she has to wear them as punishment to restrain her Harvester form
- previously she HAD whit

Other names: Cosmos, Seigi Ookami
Worlds: Kamishimi, Scarlet Moon
Personality: negative, tragic, pessimist, touchy, grumpy, clingy, possessive
Detailed character sheet: CDM: Seigi Character Sheet [general info]

The Creator by jutawiCosmos

Other names: God, Cos, Cosmo, The Creator
Worlds: The Creator
Personality: caring, omnipotent, responsible, learns from mistakes, tries to be good to everyone

Metatron The Demiurge [with music] by jutawi Metatron

Other names: Meta, The Demiurge, The Great Builder
Worlds: The Creator
Personality: direct, jealous, helpful, aggressive, grumpy


(no picture)
Other names: -
Worlds: DnD, M.S.E - Rebuttal
Personality: possessive, strong, stubborn, helpful, kind hearted

Apollyon by jutawi Apollyon

Other names: Apple (lol), The Great Destroyer
Worlds: M.S.E - Rebuttal
Personality: trigger happy, curious, gets bored quickly, insane, cunning, bossy, sometimes unstoppable, unpredictable
Detailed character sheet: -

SM: Sae Tessano outfit by jutawiSae Nekomata

Other names: Sae-chan, Neko-chan
Worlds: Scarlet Moon
Personality: hyper, naive, childish, cute, funny, yaoi otaku, determined, brave, cunning, cheerful, happy-go-lucky
Detailed character sheet: -

She will come back... by jutawiMutio Crane - before crisis by jutawiSM: Mutio Character Sheet [general info] by jutawiMutio Crane

Other names: Kizuato
Worlds: Kamishimi, Scarlet Moon
Personality: introvert, silent, lost, trying hard to find a place in life, diligent, rebelious, nervous, loyal to beloved ones
Detailed character sheet: SM: Mutio Character Sheet [general info]

Kirifude Kaze by jutawiKirifude Kaze

Other names: Kiri
Worlds: Kamishimi, Scarlet Moon
Personality: calm, collected, helpful, polite, loves haiku poems, optimist, wise, supporting
Detailed character sheet: -

SM: Kristy Character Sheet [general info] by jutawiKristy Bachelor

Other names: Kristine
Worlds: Scarlet Moon
Personality: optimist, hyper, air-head, amorous, supporting, funny, caring, she's Bach's half-sister, humble, friendly
Detailed character sheet: SM: Kristy Character Sheet [general info]

SM: BASE Character Sheet [general info] by jutawiBase

Other names: Memo, Sentinel of Memories
Worlds: Scarlet Moon, M.S.E
Personality: talkative, assertive, nerd, wants to know more about the world, hates errors, remembers everything he learns
Detailed character sheet: SM: BASE Character Sheet [general info]

SM: Cally Character Sheet [general info] by jutawiCally

Other names: Calypso, Sentinel of Life
Worlds: Scarlet Moon
Personality: bitchy, bossy, doesn't understand humans, has a big knowledge about every possible animal in the world, has a twisted understandong of love, flirty
Detailed character sheet: SM: Cally Character Sheet [general info]

SM: Eve Character Sheet [general info] by jutawi Eve / Ryoko

Other names: Eva, Angel of Dreams
Worlds: M.S.E, Scarlet Moon
Personality: calm, cheerful, caring, stylish, faithful, cute
Detailed character sheet: SM: Eve Character Sheet [general info]

Semyazza - 3 sides of a medal by jutawiAzza by jutawi Semyazza / Azza

Other names: Semy
Worlds: M.S.E, Kamishimi, Necro Magic, Scarlet Moon (only mentioned), (few other minor stories)
Personality: tragic past, soul eater, calm, helpful, understanding, persistant, funny, sometimes a troll
Detailed character sheet: Semyazza character sheet

Cyrus by jutawiSM: Cyrus Character Sheet [general info] by jutawiCyrus

Other names: Cyrus Eagle, Cy, CY-23VER7
Worlds: Flying Prison Neo-Alcatras, Scarlet Moon
Personality: calm, cynic, loyal, serious, protective, brave
Detailed character sheet: SM: Cyrus Character Sheet [general info]

SM: Judas Character Sheet [general info] by jutawi Judas

Other names: Gui-Mien Sinead, Gimi
Worlds: Scarlet Moon
Personality: calm, mute, clingy, good hunter, ingenious, even though he's a big bara dude he's amorous
Detailed character sheet: SM: Judas Character Sheet [general info]

GG:GC: Red Alert! by jutawiCecil Faraday

Other names: -
Worlds: Guilty Gear XX
Personality: emotionless, professional surgeon, antisocial, silent, cynic, grim, likes instant noodles and sitting in his office
Detailed character sheet: -

GGGC: Jiao by jutawiZhengjiao

Other names: Jiao
Worlds: Guilty Gear XX, Scarlet Moon
Personality: a great cook, friendly nice, fights with cooking tools
Detailed character sheet: -

Intro_03 by GigabytesOfInsanityThe CreatOr: Orpheus by jutawiMorpho / Orpheus

Other names: Morph, Morpheus
Worlds: M.S.E, CDM, The Creator, Scarlet Moon
Personality: posh and needy cat demon, helpful, cunning, has a cat accent adding "nya/meow" sounds to words
Detailed character sheet: -

Famine by jutawiFamine

Other names: Fam
Worlds: Scarlet Moon, Horsemen of Apocalypse
Personality: glutton, witty, tragic
Detailed character sheet:

Devil inside by jutawiAstarte

Other names: Aster, Star
Worlds: Scarlet Moon, Kamishimi
Personality: aggressine, dominant, bitch, bossy, superior
Detailed character sheet: -

Original: Sean by jutawiSM: SIN Character Sheet [general info] by jutawiSean / Sin

Other names: Kira, Shadow
Worlds: M.S.E, Scarlet Moon, Grim Side Manor
Personality: aggressive, swears, jealous, grumpy, vile
Detailed character sheet: SM: SIN Character Sheet [general info]



CDM: Juniper by jutawiJuniper

Designed by me
Character by Hai-kage
Other names: Juni
Worlds: Kamishimi
Personality: caring, cute, funny, amorous, mischievous
Story behind: I made a picture of her as a joke and Hai-kage said she looked wonderful and it's now her canon design
Detailed character sheet: -

DemetOri The ChaOs by jutawiDemetori

Designed by me
Character by Hai-kage
Other names: Demi
Worlds: The Creator
Personality: troll, chaotic
Story behind: I wanted Demitri as a guest character in The Creator, so I gave him a new design and a bit changed name
Detailed character sheet:

Miss Kumori by jutawiRosaria Kumori

Designed by me
Character by Hai-kage
Other names: Rosa, The Muse
Worlds: The Creator
Personality: supporting, helpful, caring, tired of things that repeat
Story behind: I genderbent Ferro Kumori, enough said
Detailed character sheet: -


Milky Nekonomicon by jutawiMilky Nekonomicon

Other names: -
Animal: Cat
Worlds: The Creator
Personality: Cosmos and Meta's pet, a weird, random cat with a blank face, curious and you never know what he's thinking, cute
Detailed character sheet:


(no standalone picture)
Other names: -
Animal: Wolf / Hellhound
Worlds: Guilty Gear XX, Scarlet Moon, The Creator
Personality: Wolva's pet, Adam's pet in Scarlet Moon, a very curious puppy and protective, simple minded
Detailed character sheet: -

Wolfreim & Wolfgang

(no standalone picture)
Other names: -
Animal: Wolves
Worlds: Guilty Gear XX
Personality: Wolva's guardian pets, responsible, intelligent, sharp
Detailed character sheet: -

:iconbigheartplz: RELATIONSHIP STATUS :iconbigheartplz:

Bachelor ♥ Henry / Bachelor ♥ Leo Hai-kage
Adam ♥ End Hai-kage
Juto ♥ Ethan / Juto ♥ Jane Hai-kage
Kamishimi ♥ Hikari
Yuichi ♥ Yukari / Yuichi ♥ Vincent Hai-kage
Zenchou - single
Hate ♥ Nami / Hate ♥ Riki Hai-kage
Samael ♥ Mephisto / Samael ♥ Lilith Hai-kage 
Salomon - single
Sanguine - single
Shuichi ♥ Selim
Shujuu - single
Selim ♥ Tina Hai-kage
Hakucho - single
Wolva ♥ Proto / Wolva ♥ Sai
Gerard - ???
Neo / Neion - single
Neitel ♥ Erag Hai-kage
Rene - unshippable (don't even try)
Seigi ♥ Ferro Hai-kage
Cosmos - ???
Meta - single
Apollyon - ???
Sae ♥ Ryokai Hai-kage
Mutio ♥ Hector ♥ Vex Hai-kage
Kiri - married
Kristy - ???
Base - unshippable
Cally - ???
Eve ♥ Cale Hai-kage
Ryoko ♥ Lucifer
Semyazza/Azza ♥ Camy xxxLady-DS-Bluexxx
Cyrus ♥ Molly Hai-kage
Cecil - married
Jiao ♥ Jazz/James Hai-kage
Morph/Orpheus - single
Famine ♥ Conquest Hai-kage 
Aster ♥ Moon Hai-kage
Sin ♥ Sonneillon

To come:

Yukari / Hikari / Sayuki / Kathy, Naitomaru N. Shinigami, Noir B. Shinigami, Black S. Shinigami, Fray Judgement, Khan, Rick, Vertrag, Unmei, Law, Gary Sue, Zieg, Phenex Tocalor, Amy Tocalor, Xoxx, Zoss, Aureolin, Aureolin Spellbourne, Tsubasa / Mario, Rei, Egon / Gon, Uziel / Uzuma, Uriel / Juri, Uragiri, Nami / Namida, Meph / Kyofu, Spazz, Sonneillon, Ra'mon / Raphael, Beliar, Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel, Raziel, Jun, Sanctis, Pistissophia, Yatagarasu, Dandelion, Agamemnon, Curriculum, Sanc-Bis, Hekate, Sigma, Iggy, Mercuria, Arthur, Jazeriel, Endymion, Ethan, Lin, Icaro, Nick Eagle, Amigo, Cheerio, Tecno / Simon, Tako / Neil, Dr. Rook, Gretel & Bernard, Lyriel Meynn, Claude, Hina, Rowan Ebonheart, Cornelius Ebonheart, Constantine T. Shein, Yen, Venom, Cerberus / Vi Silva / Silverus, Torakizu / Tayga, Dagon, Rose McRed, Le Farreau, Crystal Ice, Eol

Madam Mim, Fanvacoolt, Aldrin, Hanzam, Mark, Vasyl

Template for later use:


Other names:
Detailed character sheet:


Monsters adoptables [OPEN] by jutawi
Monsters adoptables [OPEN]
Eh well, some random monsters for sale. I actually wanted them all to be ghosts but I always digress LOL

First come first serve
Their price is as stated in the picture


1. For sale
2. Reserved for MagnoV824 
3. Reserved for MagnoV824 
4. SOLD TO TheEndlessVirus 
5. For sale
6. SOLD TO CaressOfAmaranth 
7. SOLD TO Treehunned 
8. SOLD TO QueenSylve 
9. SOLD TO Bhaal999 

Once you buy I will put your name in the list as "sold to"
I will send you a clean cropped copy of that monster in
CDM Halloween comm: Bloodyxjester by jutawi
CDM Halloween comm: Bloodyxjester
Commission for :iconbloodyxjester:

I made Demu into a Harvester in the end - because he's so extremely tall, and Harvesters are the tallest of all Chasm residents lol
I also love how his clothes turned out, since I had the permission to give him chains as accessory :3
I hope you like it, he turned out so sexy tehee
I wanted the wings be different so that they don't blend in with the black clothing

Demu © BloodyxJester 
Small change of plans: I'll work on :iconinumeister:'s commish tomorrow, sorry =A=
Go and say Happy Birthday to this guy:
5 deviants said :iconsnakey-sama:


J. Lovelace
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
My love: :iconhai-kage:

My 3 accounts:

:iconjutawi: - my main account, for randomness
:icongigabytesofinsanity: - manga/comics and written works
:iconwhitechocolateheaven: - 18+/mature content (lotsa nudity/smut)

Expert by HiddenCookie
BT EN Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-designUSA Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-designJP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-designStamp: German Language Intermediate by MafiaVamp

Fandoms I'm in:

Guilty Gear Stamp by NhurHomestuck Stamp1 by NotgonnadieShingeki no Kyojin Stamp by LinaLeeLSteins Gate Stamp by MiirokuKamui Stamp by HappyStamp
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Stamp 2 by MiloticStarShinyProfessor Layton fan stamp by Tea-StrawberryMiles Edgeworth Stamp by xarazuraCowboy Bebop by 13ShadesOfPurpleStamp - 07-Ghost by PixAlchemist

Go and say Happy Birthday to this guy: 

5 deviants said :iconsnakey-sama:


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