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I put the stuff in chronological order here, so that his story is easier to follow:


~~ ARC 1: "Devil" ~~

Devil [pt. 1]
!!! WARNING - NSFW Content
Please read at your own responsibility.
He spoke his mind. He disagreed with his comrade. It was a huge mistake.
They tied his hands.
They brought him somewhere secluded.
Five men pointed their rifles at him.
He stood there, but not scared. Granted, his breath was fast and he was shaking. But it wasn't fear. It was anger. He didn't pray, he didn't beg. He just stood there, his stare was focused and cold. Looking at his former comrade, Reinhard.
That bastard.
Wilhelm knew Reinhard was a madman. Probably everyone heard rumors about him already. If not for the fact they had to team up in the same squad, Wilhelm would never want to work with him in the first place. But alas, he was stuck with him in the same team. Until this last strife they had just few moments ago. Where Reinhard used his men to corner him.
"Stubborn as always. Even in a situation like this. Charmin
Devil [pt. 2]Part 2
Meanwhile in a dark undefined place, between the living and the dead, the vast void of existence... WIlhelm felt like floating in midair. It was a feeling like he never experienced before. He couldn't move but he didn't mind. It felt calm, soothing. A small thought went trough his head, a pleasant thought of staying like this forever.
"There you are..."
A calm voice interrupted the silence, echoing in the void. Wilhelm didn't feel startled though. He couldn't open the eyes so all he did was focusing his mind on the source of the voice.
A slight breeze was to feel, a dark shape appeared by his right forming itself from swirls and scraps of shadowy matter, finally becoming a silhouette of a tall man. He had black hair, the bangs covering his right eye, the other eye gleaming red. A sort of golden tiara shaped in long thin horns was on his head. He wore a black cape that he sweept from his left shoulder by a wide hand movement.
"We had some trouble tracking you. Funny th
Devil [Pt. 3]!!! WARNING - NSFW content
Read at your own risk!

Reinhard hummed a chirpy tune while carrying the lifeless body of his dead comrade. A small chapel at the abandoned cementery picked up his interest. Secluded and eerie enough for mere humans to keep away, not to disturb the sleeping dead. But not for Reihard, it was actually a perfect setting.
That bastard.
He kicked the door, it opened creaking loud, scaring away the crows that were sitting nearby.
Dust and cobwebs surrounded the place. It was dim. The dust particles danced in the light coming from the dirty broken windows, when a crow escaped trough it. Reinhard smiled and stepped inside, closing the door with his leg, The broken shards of the windows crunched under his steps. Approaching the chapels altar with Wilhelm in his arms, it almost felt like some twisted marriage ceremony. Except the place and true intention of this was much more macabre.
"Let's say I'm doing you a favor and bring you here to pa
Devil [4]Part 4

"HALF-devil." Samael corrected him.
"Half-devil." Wilhelm repeated.
"You're the offspring of a Fallen man and a Human woman."
"So my goddamn mom fucked with a devil and then there was me."
"Hmm... hmhmhmm... hahahaHAHAHA"
Wilhelm tilted his head back and started to laugh, his voice echoed in the chapel, the crows nibbling on Reinhard's remains got scared and made a small ruckus while flying away.
"What's so funny?" Samael raised his eyebrow.
Wilhelm sighed and wiped a tear from the corner of his eye, after laughing too much.
"Mom used to call me a devil you see... it's funny now because it's true."
"Heh." Samael closed his eye, shrugging.
"Sorry for interrupting you. Do go on."
Wilhelm waved with his hand for Samael to continue, himself continuing to smoke the cigarette.
"Thank you. Well then..."
Samael paused and took a seat nearby, sitting on the back of a bench which was in front of Wilhelm, leaning his feet against the other bench that Wilhelm w


Presumed dead by jutawi

~~ ARC 2: "Hell" ~~

Hell [1]Part 1
Just as Samael said, it lasted few seconds and the vortex around them calmed. Wilhelm opened his eyes.
"Say hello to your new friends."
Samael swept the cape with a wide hand movement and quickly turned Wilhelm around, before he could even say anything.
A few people greeted them in their own way, one unimpressed, one waving, the other looking curiously and one grinning wide. Wilhelm blinked.
"Uh... hello." He said not entirely sure what to think of it.
"Those are my most trusted people." Samael said then pointed with finger at each of them, starting from the left.
"This is Jazeriel, Endymion, Sonneillon and Mephisto. Gentlemen, this is Wilhelm." He finished the introduction presenting Wilhelm to them.
The one called Jazeriel was tall and with long black hair, wearing black. He seemed nice. Endymion was tad taller, and like his total opposite, with long white hair and white clothes. He gave a feeling of being an albino and had a rather indifferent face exp

Hell part 2:

 (no files)

Hell part 3:

 Dog vs Wolf by jutawi Karma: Training by jutawi It's a part of the training by jutawi

~~ ARC 3: "Karma" ~~

Uto Karma by jutawiKHHHHARMAAAAHHHHH by jutawi

He was leaning against a wall, in some dark alley. He was hard to notice, wearing all black, if not for that small light from his cigarette while he was smoking. His mask stashed in the bag.
Calm night, he thought. It's gloomy today anyway. People sit at home, read a book, watch TV, he mused.
Oh well.
It's not like thugs have to make trouble each time he decides to go on a hunt. Better luck next time.
He exhaled the smoke, dropped the cigarette butt on the ground and stamped with the heel. One more round along the avenue won't hurt.
And just as he was about to leave the dark spot, a woman passed by. Then a suspicious looking guy a small distance away behind her. This might turn out interesting, Karma thought and put his mask on.
The woman was heading to the bus stop, checking the time at her wristwatch when the suspicious man grabbed her handbag, stealing it away. She screamed for help, trying to run after him, but high heels aren't made for running.
Freedom... no, free doom
It was gloomy that day. The evening clouds were hanging low over the city, and it looked like it will pour anytime soon. Some of the streets were empty, no one wanted to get wet when it starts to rain. During a weather like that, it's just best to stay home and calm your mind with some hot beverage, between cozy blankets. Those who can't calm their mind, think otherwise.
Gloomy days are the time of depressed souls and melancholic thinkers.
A day like that, it's a good day to die.
The gate to the void of oblivion stands open.

That's what he thought, being up there, alone. At the red bridge above the wide river. "The Bridge to Freedom" was it's name.
The bridge of the damned.
He had always the soul of a poet.
Misunderstood and lonely.
Desiring, needy, always unsatisfied.
Was it because of him being "different"? Or was it because the world wasn't as welcoming as he wanted?
This all has no mea

JxE: Everything will be alright by WhiteChocolateHeavenJxE: Peaceful afternoon by WhiteChocolateHeavenJxE: Don't hold back by WhiteChocolateHeaven


Karma: Mask by jutawi Karma: Lost a bet by jutawiKarma: Troll by jutawi Karma: Meph pls... by jutawi

~~ Bonus Arc: "Glitch" ~~

Glitch by jutawi

~~ Final Arc ~~

Yuuto by jutawi


Some additional info & concepts:

Wilhelm by jutawiDevilish by jutawiKarma character sheet by jutawi
Temporarly dead by jutawi3x Karma by jutawi

~~ FANART ~~

Thank you kindly for all the great art!

Paper Doll Commish- Karma by MagnoV824Karma by ceruleancrayonsRequest - Karma by Gotta-Love-Pasta
Point commission - jutawi by TerrahaniPoint Commission: Jutawi (#2) by NanoColorsCommish_karma by minouche001Karma .:Commission:. FIXED by hanliebanana
Headshot batch no.1 by xKarkaKarma :for~Jutawi: by SweeneyToddST Request?: Karma by CItalyPruX3
Comm- Juto icon by BloodyxJester Uto Karma by 1999vhheadshot commission - for jutawi by supaluilu


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