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CDM - cover by GigabytesOfInsanity
Carnivale du macabre

The CreatOr - cover by GigabytesOfInsanity
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Stuff to know:

:bulletred: I don't RP

:bulletred: don't ask me about requests.

:bulletgreen: I don't spam thanks for favs, watches or llamas. But I reply to all "thank you" comments.

:bulletgreen: If you have any questions and/or need help with something, you can send me a note or a comment. I don't bite, really, and I try my best to be a good senpai =u=

:bulletgreen: I have a lot of linearts in my gallery. Feel free to color them if you want, whether for practice or just 'cause. I'll consider it as collab, but please ask me first before you grab them. Remember to put the credit for my lineart.

:bulletgreen: Don't steal. The stuff in my gallery belongs either to me or the ownership is passed to people who bought adoptables from me. Nothing more nothing less. Any sort of using my art without permission will result in you being an art thief.

:bulletgreen: If you want a commission, but my status is closed, don't hesitate to ask. I do exceptions.

:bulletgreen: Feel free to talk to me about:
Yowamushi Pedal, Guilty Gear, Homestuck, Haikyuu!, OC's, Baccano, Durarara, Shingeki no Kyojin, Kaiji


If I ever blocked anybody, here are a few reasons why:

- I do not want you to talk to me
- I don't want your commentary on my works
- I don't want to draw for you
- your so called "friendship" is fake or toxic
- if your account is empty and you're just a lurker - you're suspicious as hell
- I'm tired of pretending not to see what an ass you are, you may be nice to me but you're a shit/leech/bully to my friends
- I'm tired of your frequent drama bullshit
- you have hurt me/lied to me/pretended to be someone else to deceive me
- you're a troll/spammer


:bulletgreen: animation for MagnoV824

Happy Birthday: 

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May 3, 2015
11:28 pm
May 3, 2015
9:01 pm
May 3, 2015
6:36 pm
May 3, 2015
7:38 am
May 2, 2015
11:53 am
Today's my Deviant Birthday, as in, the day I first joined DA /)//w//(\
Awh, it feels like a long time has passed, even though other people are here way longer.

DA is a big part of my life, and it's the site I spend most time on. It's the site I keep in touch with most of people too. It really means a lot to me. It feels like home.

I really miss a lot of people who I met here, but for one reason or another they just left, or can't be on here as much as they used to. While I understand, it still feels sad, but I can't help it. We're getting older, and busy.

I also didn't had haters or art thieves for 7 years, it's just that at the end of last year, and this year, there was some strife and thievery involved, which I think is actually a bit impressive, that I wasn't targetted for so long. Maybe, I dunno. It has actually to do a lot with commissions, then fandoms, and lastly the questions I ask sometimes, which I all did/started last year. And my mental stability that has been pushed a lot too, so yeah. But as much as it hurts, it makes me stronger and immune. Life's not all roses and love.

I have changed a lot since I first joined, and I am happy for that, because it was for the better. I have found my boyfriend here, and best friends, that are here for me when life kicks my ass. I feel comfortable around them and more open. I discover new things, and the best thing of all, I don't feel alienated like I am in real. I can talk about OC's, series, games as much as I want, and no one says it's weird.
Nobody gives me a weird look when I talk about the stories I create, and people encourage me to work hard on them too.

There's times I feel like I am a failure, and that I am a bad artist, well I can't help it. It's something that comes suddenly, and goes for few days to come back again, repeating and repeating. So, sometimes I just may seem like an attention whore, but in reality, I just really need to be reassured a lot, that I am important and valid. But don't we all?

I also try my best to be of some help to you all, and I hope I am. I gathered some experience, and I ponder on things a lot before I give advices. So don't be afrad to talk to me, just remember to be polite.

Do I plan some changes?

Yeah well, I may stop asking things in the public. Not just because my premium expired and I can't post polls, but because... hmm, people don't always know how to help, and they accidentally piss me off. It's mostly because they misunderstand what I meant, or they just don't understand the question at all.

I may also stop asking people what they wish to see more in my gallery. Like, if they want to see more colored art, or more OC's, more fanart etc. Whenever I listen to what they say, it doesn't really go well. It's kinda funny when they say "yeah post more colored works" and when I do, they don't bother to look at them. So what's the point?
Well it's my gallery, so I should manage it on my own. That means I should really care more for what I feel like drawing, instead of pleasing the public. But that's really hard to do ^^;

I'm trying to draw each day, and that's why I decided to do the 100 theme challenge, which I put up to 200.
So you can sorta expect what to see, and still be surprised XD

I also wish to post more homosexual pairings on this account. I was really scared to upset the people who watch me with that decision (and that's mostly why my other +18 account was born), but then again, why would I want to have people around me that don't enjoy what I enjoy? It's like sitting at the table during a family gathering and just talk about things that they want to hear, surprassing the urge to tell something I enjoy, afraid that I will be rejected. But now I changed my mindset, and if some of the watchers will feel uncomfortable with gay pairings, they're free to leave =w= It's ok, we have different tastes, and I rather attract watchers that have similar tastes =w=

It's really hard to break free from all those habits I have, but I am working on it, I really do.

I hope to stay on DA for as long as possible, and share my ideas and art, because that's what I love to do everyday.

Do I have any wishes?
Well, yes, I actually really really wish to see cosplayers of my OC's oneday :iconblushplz:
Cosplayers are my weakness, ah... Excited Blush

But to achieve that I need to work hard to complete at least one series, that people will love so much they would want to express it in the form of an accurate costume. So I will do my best with my comics, I promise.

Wow that's a long journal XP


J. Lovelace
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My 3 accounts:

:iconjutawi: - my main account, for randomness
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:iconwhitechocolateheaven: - 18+/mature content (lotsa nudity/smut)

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Fandoms I'm in:

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