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Happy Birthday! 

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Dec 18, 2017
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Dec 17, 2017
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Dec 17, 2017
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Dec 17, 2017
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People make those art summaries, in which they put one work from each month in the corresponding fields. I wanted to do that too, but with J&J instead, as it's been one year of hype over that ship, hahaha. But then I realized that I don't really have any art that can be posted in all the fields, so I just decided to pick 12 (most known) AUs instead and list them here. And yean, I put "most known" in the bracket, because I have a lot LOT more to offer, but I just kept them offline. On one hand because they're not as great/developed, and on the other hand, because I wanted to give you a break from them bois for a bit XD And it would be very confusing to differentiate between them, because some are very similar to each other. I just like to repeat tropes and explore them in more than one way.

I'll keep them in chronological order.

Ok one more thing, this is not an AU, but I think that the fact that I drew this Happy New YEAAAAAAAAH by JutaWi during the New Year's Eve had a lot to do with the good fortune of their ship for the whole 2017 XD

Ok back on track:

1. AI Crisis Space marines! [not fanbased] by JutaWi AIC: Lost in thoughts by JutaWi

I think if there's a theme that suits them two bois the best, it's military and sci-fi themes. (Preferably if they're combined together). You'll see later how much potential they hold in that regard. For now, let's take a moment to appreciate AI Crisis. It was supposed to be a short story about two mech piloting soldiers stranded in the middle of the desert, and on their way back to the base they stumble upon some information, that a corrupted AI will attack their base.
I worked on this a bit more, in which I later established that they're space marines on a mission to defeat a corrupted AI devastating military bases on some planet. I had so many ideas about it, eventually I decided it would be better to just make a visual novel out of it, due to the multiple plot twists and endings that I came up with.

2. Sleep Mode  Sleep Mode Cover by JutaWi

The story behind it was supposed to be simple - a sci-fi approach to the "Sleeping beauty" except it's gay XD Juto would raid a tower, where Jun was put into hibernation, and the "password" to wake him up was a kiss. I then worked on it a bit more adding more complex backstory of why Jun is asleep and why he needs to be retrieved from that tower. Again it was all about sci-fi and military. I had a lot of fun with it.

3. Dolls Dolls illustration by JutaWi

A different approach comes with this one, Jun's an android named Eight and Juto a security guard named Wilhelm. They work together at some company, despite the tol bean being creeped out by his smol bean companion, but then things get weirder as Wilhelm is on to something dark about the security androids. I definitely wanted to play it more like horror/mystery. The lead element in there was "converting humans to robots", which can get pretty tricky and... freaky. I hope I can continue it soon.

4. What the future holds What the future holds by JutaWi

I mostly referred to it as "Soldier and inventor" AU XD Again, it has military themes, but now I wanted it to be less... dramatic, a slow paced slice of life thing. Except in the end I had to slip some drama in it, whoops :''D It's mostly a story about... nothing in particular, and I thought that Ghibli drawing style would suit it perfectly. Juto's a soldier off duty, that came to chill in a small town. Smol inventor is interested in knowing him better. They leisurely spend time together until Juto has to go back to the army. The promise he made to Jun to come back literally keeps him alive. He comes back a bit battered, but he's alive UvU

5. Concrete Wastelands Concrete Wasteland by JutaWi

We had an android Jun, now get prepared for the both being robots XD Humans are extinct in this postapocalyptic setting, and Jun (in this case John) is traveling the world to see if there's still some humans around that perhaps survived the retrovirus outbreak. Since he is an android, he was spared together with other bots. He's traveling alone, but atsome point he finds Wilhelm, a robo friend to travel together with. I wanted to focus on the fact how a robot would spend time all by himself, and also the fact that "robots love differently", as in, there's certain differences how they understand the concept of love. And how much they'd like to experience being humans.

6. Ash and Sand

I'm amazed I never drew an illustration for it, but eh, well. I can always do that later. In this AU we have Monster!Jun vs a monster hunter Juto. It's one of those AU's when they start out as enemies. In "Dolls" they did fight a bit, but they didn't consider each other enemies. Here they straight out intend to kill each other, but then Juto gives up on fighting, which has an impact on Jun, and he spares his life. In the end they form a truce and decide to work together, until eventually Jun drinks the cure all potion, which reverts him back to human. It's the only AU that I actually "finished" as in - wrote what I wanted to do, except it has an open ending with room for later events.

7. Yakuzako Yakuzako by JutaWi

This time I decided to venture into the land of Japan and explore some yakuza lore. In this AU Jun is a simple salaryman that is "brutally" dragged into yakuza affairs. His uncle is the gang leader, and has no successor. In that case, he decides to "adopt" Jun and teach him the ways of how to be a boss, so that one day he can take over the business. Of course the poor bean wants none of that. At least he can has a bodyguard, Juto. This has a more comedic approach on showing how Jun's life got turned upside down and how he copes with it, additionally how goofy the particular yakuza members can be at times. Eventually he decides to more good than bad with the power he has over the gang. Definitely enjoyed the "culture shock" trope in this.

8. Hitman + Hacker

This AU is actually a different approach to "Hot Pixel", because "Hot Pixel" is about Chilli's shenanigans in cyberspace, while H+H focuses on Chilli's creator - hacker Jun, and his relationship with a hitman Juto. It's most likely an AU about "villains afterhours", in which we mostly see the two beans chilling together, when they don't plot/ruin peoples lives (wow that's dark oops :'D)

9. Untitled [placeholder title "Rival AU"]

I never posted that one, but it was set in some fantasy world, about Jun and Juto being best warriors from opposite kingdoms. Their strength was equal, so each time they faced each other, their battles ended in a draw. Finally Jun was the one who won their final battle by killing Juto. However, the win left him with mixed feelings as Juto wasn't feeling bad about his loss. Soon Jun realized that their rivalry was something he appreciated and even felt excited about, bot now that Juto's gone his battles afterwards were boring. Jun ended up missing his dead rival, and wished he never won in the first place. Still, he decided to pay Juto last respects and visit his country for the burial. However, he soon discovered that Juto's kingdom held a revival ritual to bring him back from the dead.

10. Untitled [suggested title "A touch of love"]

I never posted this one, but I sent it to a few friends and they liked it a lot, so instead of talking about about "Ghost", (an AU inspired by the song titled "Untraveled Road"), place 10 belongs to the "massage AU" XD
Jun feels nasty back pains, so his cousin Amy suggests that he should get a massage by a professional. And said professional is Juto, lol. It's a light hearted, romantic-comedy about Juto trying to help the smol bean, meanwhile smol bean crushes hard on him.

11. Untitled [placeholder title is "Space Dorks"] Space Dorks by JutaWi

Not posted anywhere, but I work on it nehind the scenes, a slice-of-life about two space bounty hunters trying to earn their coin with carious missions. Meanwhile trying not to wreck their already malfunctioning space ship. Mostly light hearted and funny about their daily life. Also has a drama part in which both of them drift apart at some point, but soon enough they realize they can't live without each other, and make up before everything falls apart.

12. Surreal Stasis

Very similar to "Sleep Mode" in which Jun wakes up from a long, long sleep. Except it's not 25 years, it's 200 years! The setting is sci-fi fantasy, and depends heavily on a culture shock. Also, one of the stories that has actually two Jutos - one in the past named Wilhelm, and one in the present who witnesses Jun's awakening, and also helps him to cope with the new life. It's also meant to be more chill, as all the drama happened in the past, and the present life focuses on those two living together without some impending doom looming above them.

They had enough trouble with corrupted AI, wars, apocalypse or fighting each other, so I thought it would be nice for them to "just exist" for a bit. Before I came up with a murder mystery the other day :'D

There you go.
My summary of the whole year with the two beans. I am at the point where I exhausted most of the themes I liked, and I have less and less good ideas for AUs. But that doesn't mean I became tired of them.
It's been a creative year ♥


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