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The Devil Within - 01.1 :iconjutawi:JutaWi 1 1
The Devil Within - 00
It was raining that day. The ominous gray clouds loomed over Scarlet City delivering a shower of droplets the size of a bullet with the intensity of a machine gun, but luckily not of the same caliber. They tapped loudly at the police car riding through the city's empty streets, which was clearly a sign that nobody wanted to be out in that kind of weather, but soon the drumming was interrupted by a female voice through the police scanner.
[[All units, all units 33-88, expedite cover code 4. Phare Mental Hospital.]]

"295 copy; code 4. ETA 5 minutes."
As soon as the man's voice replied, the car's sirens went on accompanied by the red and blue flash, and it took a sharp turn to the right.
[["Copy 295."]]
The voice in the scanner ended the conversation.
"Sorry detectives, I know you just comin' off a case, but I'm afraid we're gonna have to make a detour."
The policeman at the wheel looked in the rearview mirror to the two people sitting behind and gave an apologetic side gla
:iconjutawi:JutaWi 2 3
Fanart: Jackpot by JutaWi Fanart: Jackpot :iconjutawi:JutaWi 46 34 Fanart: Haunted Joseph by JutaWi Fanart: Haunted Joseph :iconjutawi:JutaWi 38 8 Fanart: Joseph Oda by JutaWi Fanart: Joseph Oda :iconjutawi:JutaWi 68 45
JxJ: Invocare [4]
Another man with an important title, another unimportant hand shake. However, this time the topic of the short conversation didn't made Jun listen with only half an ear. The chubby man asked him about his future, to which the young heir replied automatically and it was exactly what his father expected to hear - finish the studies, marry, start a family, take over father's company, continue the family business and so on. Jun didn't care about the rest of the conversation, as his mind got stuck on the question and how he really felt about it. Or more like, what would he do now that Juto appeared in his life.
He excused himself and decided to take a breath of fresh air at the terrace. He still felt a little dizzy from the enchanted brooch, and he needed a moment to think. He contacted his demon servant through telepathy while on his way.
"Say... can you humor Amy for me for a bit longer? Or you know what, just keep people away from me for the rest of the party."
"What? But... the food!"
:iconjutawi:JutaWi 5 7
JxJ: Invocare [3]
Posh interior of crystal chandeliers, heavy drapes, pristine white tablecloths and polished floor. A platform for the orchestra, which filled the place with a nice slow violin score. Tables laden with exquisite food and drinks. Jun's father spared no expenses when he had to throw a party.
The ballroom gradually filled with guests just as posh during the next half an hour. Jun was standing to the side near the tables and was rubbing his wrist discreetly. He shook a lot of firm grips and exchanged a lot of meaningless words with people that he didn't care for. However, the one that he did care for - his demon servant was nowhere to be seen, nor did he respond to the telepathic messages Jun was sending him. He adjusted his collar and decided to take a sip of the punch. He was barely able to taste the fruity texture when he noticed someone approaching him in the corner of his eye. Her step was fast and her frilly, silky dress rustled with each movement. He emptied half of his glass in a hu
:iconjutawi:JutaWi 4 4

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No, I don't.

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No, I don't draw requests anymore.

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Yes I do. Paypal and points.
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I was tagged by primetiime and UltraLiThematic

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 random facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other creators.
4. Post their OCs name along with their creators name/avatar.

Bach [Urban Legend]

1. He reached that point in which he can't live without his drugs, or else his mind will break.

2. He's flirty and is willing to have sex with anyone he finds attractive (no gender restrictions), and he's not looking for any serious relationships. He likes to be a free spirit, for various reasons.

3. He works with all kinds of shady people. His job is mostly about illegal organ trading, brutal interrogations, experimenting with drugs, grant medical care to outlaws and mafias, and so on.

4. He can be generous and tend to someone for free. Otherwise if he can't get any money out of it, then he'll do it for a favor or for sex afterwards (within reason, mind you).

5. He used to dye his hair completely light blue.

6. He avenged the death of his sister, it was also the turning point in his life, spiralling from the polite man he was into the individual he is now.

7. Cecil was the one who taught him about making own drugs, and Spazz was the one who taught him about being sadistic. (also was the first man Bach slept with)

8. Bach loves penguins and he has a lot of random items with them, from boxers with penguins on them to objects like a clock, keychain, etc. He also has a penguin plushie named Steve that he keeps since his childhood.


1. His full name is Artemus Khemi, but people call him Al, Arty or just Khemi. He personally doesn't like being called Arty.

2. He wasn't fond of taking care of Morty at first, but he grew to like him over time. They eventually became very attached to each other.

3. Khemi is away traveling the worlds to learn and create new  potions to help people. His dream is to create a cure all for every curse and illness.

4. Khemi is actually very old and his astral body is starting to fall apart. When he comes back from his travels, he will be missing one arm, and there's probably cracks all over his body. It won't hold for much longer.

5. He, Gabe and Aldrin used to be good friends.

6. Khemi was the one who came up with the name Mortifer.

7. He taught Morty all he knows about being a reaper.

8. Nobody knows how he currently looks like. Those who knew how he used to look like, they already forgot. He plans to reveal his face only to Morty before his body will completely turn to dust.


J. Lovelace
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May I have your attention for a moment to appreciate this beauty by ChesterPalm ?

[The Evil Within Crossover] Trusted Companion by ChesterPalm
Shit, man...
Joseph Oda
BOI He damn fine :iconjustrightplz:
I boarded the JoSeb ship and I enjoy my ride.


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